Terms of Business

Kirk Caravan Service, us - means Kirk caravan service Ltd 36 st Andrews drive, Law, Carluke, ML8-5GB Registered Company SC453365

The Terms and Conditions as stated within supersede all previous versions whether online or in printed format. Update as of 07/07/2021

Special order parts– means any parts specifically ordered for a specific caravan ordered by the customer, parts are fully retained as the property of kirk caravan service until paid in full.

Fixed – means when work is carried out at any or our premises

You, your, owner– means owner or responsible person of the vehicle to be inspected or tested.


Terms and Conditions

  • Payment for completed work must be made in full, upon completion of the agreed work via BACS, cash or card, unless prior arrangements have been previously made.


  • Cancelations made more than 2 days in advance will not carry a charge assuming no special parts have been ordered, any said parts will be charged at full RRP unless otherwise stated by management at Kirk caravan service. Parts may be held with no additional cost if the job is to be booked in at a later date.

  • Cancelation made between 24-48 hours before work date commences may be charged at 25% of the total value of the completed works including full RRP of any special ordered parts.

  • Cancelations made within 24 hours of the agreed appointment will be charged at 50% of the total value of the completed works with any special order parts charged at full RRP.

  • No shows on the day will be charged at Full job price including any special order parts at full RRP.

  • If a job has to be cancelled, rescheduled or postponed by kirk caravan service for any reason including but not limited to act of god, adverse weather, Mechanical breakdown of service vehicle, closed roads, cancelled ferry crossings then we shall not be held responsible for any costs to yourself and no compensation shall be made to yourself, 

  • Kirk caravan service have the sole right at any time to make changes to these cancelation terms without prior notice to yourself and it is at our discretion as to whether or not we imply these charges.



  • All work carried out by Kirk Caravan Service carries a 6 month warranty for workman ship only. Any warranty of parts fitted will be at the sole discretion of the original manufacturer which can vary from 12-36 months, Kirk caravan service will not reimburse or compensate any parts fitted should the original manufacturer decline a claim. Any callout charge, toll road, parking charge, ferry crossing incurred with any warranty claim shall still be made payable in full to kirk caravan service. Kirk caravan service can carry out warranty work for most UK manufactures but not all should you require more accurate information on this please contact us Info@kirkcaravanservice.co.uk





  • All vehicles are left in our premises are under the owners own insurance terms. It may be necessary for the owner to notify their insurance providers of the premises location and dates of expected work.

  • Personnel items left in the caravan or motorhome are left at the owners own risk, kirk caravan service will not be held responsible for damages/theft of any items left in any vehicle,

  • All vehicle shall be collected on the same day as completed works unless other agreements have been made by a member of staff.

  • Any vehicle that is not uplifted by the pre arranged date is subject to a £100.00 daily storage charge

General terms

  • Kirk Caravan service work to a high standard but in some cases where a satisfactory repair/service has not been achieved kirk caravan service retain the rights to rectify this at no cost to yourself or us.

  • Kirk caravan service will not reimburse any faulty parts or pay any other invoices unless it has been arranged by any one director level or higher, proof by receipt will be required before any payment is made.

  • Servicing will only be carried out if sufficient clear unobstructed access is granted to the vehicle in question, 

  • Cassette toilets must be clean and sanitary or they will not be inspected Kirk caravan service premises do not have a facility for doing this.

  • Moisture report, electrical inspection reports and gas pressure tests are only an indication at the time of test, kirk caravan service will not be held responsible for any other results from and other tests after the vehicle has left our premises.

  • Wheels MUST be checked frequently for damage to tyres or wheel, wheel bolts should be checked before any journey, immediately after kirk caravan have serviced the vehicle or removed the wheels for any other reason, after 2 miles of travel and after a further 30 miles of travel. Kirk caravan service will under no circumstances pay or be help responsible for any wheel detachments, it is the sole responsibility or the owner.

  • Kirk caravan service do not hold insurance for any persons not employed by us to be in any vehicle owned by kirk caravan service nor to be in any part of our premises unless it is specifically for the purpose of the general public E.G waiting room, reception, car park.

  • Prices can be found on our main website and are subject to change at any time without prior consent, www.kirkcaravanservice.co.uk