Frequently asked questions at Kirk Caravan Service

Frequently asked questions

How much does a service cost?

Please see our Services page

How ofter should i have my caravan serviced?

We reccomend once a year, If your caravan is still under manufacturers warranty then it may be compulsary within the manufacturers guidelines.

When should my caravan be serviced?

This is dependant on wheter the caravan is still under manufacturers warranty or not, if yes then you usually have a window of around 6 weeks either side of its original purchase date (refer to manufacturer guidelines). If not then we reccomend every 12 Months.

Do you work on motorhomes or static caravans?

At present we will do Habitation certificates on motorhomes (not the mechanical side) Currently we do not work on any Static Caravans.

How long does a service take?

Caravan services can take up to 4 Hours Motorhome habitaton checks can take up to 2.5 Hours

Do i have to bring my vehicle to you?

Yes, our workshop in based at Unit 2B Block 2B 5 Young Road Caldwellside Industrial Estate Lanark ML117SR

What happens if you find problems during my service?

Some problems may lead to additional charges but we will always ask your permission before applying these.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all Major cards, Paypal, BACS or cash, Currently we will not accept cheques.

Do you do water ingress repairs?

Yes we can undertake many water ingress repairs but these are subject to an estimate before hand.

What is involved in a caravan service?